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Peter Rosenmai

December 4, 2019: Tips for Writing Computer Simulations of Business Processes

Peter Rosenmai works as a data analyst for StrategyWise, a big data and data science consulting firm with offices in Birmingham and Atlanta. StrategyWise prides itself in helping Fortune 500 companies use their data to solve business problems in industries that include utilities, food service, routing and logistics. Peter is a statistician and has worked as a software developer and web designer; he previously worked for PMSI Consulting in London, England, and as a contractor for IBM. His main current areas of interest are survival analysis, simulation of business processes and browser-based data visualization.

Chris Hemphill

November 6, 2019: Data Science Taste Test – A Hands-On Introduction to Python

Chris Hemphill’s focus is data science education, consulting, and leadership in the healthcare sector. Chris works as Director of Client AI & Ops at Palo Alto Health Tech company, SymphonyRM, & also serves as an assistant instructor within General Assembly’s data science program.

Key projects include building a valuation system for physician engagement programs, sales predictive models, predicting patient engagement, and leading content engagement efforts to help health leaders better understand AI and how to think through infrastructure and data science decisions. Key interests are AI strategy, natural language processing, python, machine learning, random walks on the beach, and bad statistics jokes.

Solomon Madadha

October 9, 2019: Building an enterprise wide data strategy & analytics platform

Solomon is responsible for all Data Services across Renasant Bank – Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Data Governance implementation.

He successfully implemented a enterprise wide data strategy to support all business units within Renasant through Technology selection, large scale Data Warehouse implementation with multiple data sources across all business areas, setting up self-service Enterprise Business Analytics platform, Big data and data science implementation for risk mitigation and new market expansion, support of all enterprise database servers on the network and implementing Data Governance framework.

Darin White

September 3, 2019: Sports Analytics

Darin W. White, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Samford University Center for Sports Analytics and Chair of the Entrepreneurship, Management & Marketing Department. Dr. White also serves as the Founding Director of the Sports Marketing Program in the Brock School of Business.

Jordan Goldmeier

August 7, 2019: How to Quickly Develop Visual Analytics with Excel

Jordan is an internationally recognized data scientist and visualization expert, author, and speaker. He wrote Dashboards for Excel and Advanced Excel Essentials, and provides technical editing to articles on Excel development and data science. He has consulted with and provided training for NATO Training Command, the Pentagon, and Financial Times and the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Business Analytics.

Deeraj Raju (Raj)

June 19, 2019: Contemporary developments in good statistical practices

Dheeraj is the senior/lead statistician for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. His responsibilities include data integration, research design, and statistical analyses of clinical data provided at all five hospital centers. Dheeraj holds a Ph.D. in Statistical/Quantitative Methods, Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics from the University of Alabama. He is also an adjunct faculty at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Griffin Edwards

May 22, 2019: Casual Inference (statistics)

Dr. Edwards is an Associate Professor at UAB. His research areas include law, economics, and sports economics. Currently he is working with the Alabama Sentencing Commission looking at sentencing procedures and length of time served. He is also doing research into how the difficulty of preseason games affect NCAA basketball tournaments outcomes.

Laura Anderson – Model Validation Analyst

Mar 20, 2019: R (programming language)

Laura is an Analyst at Regions bank that specializes in statistical and quantitative models.  She has a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and is a member of the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematical honor society.

Mohammad Islam – Model Validation Analyst

Mar 20, 2019: R (programming language)

Mohammad is an Analyst at Regions bank that specialies in statistical and quantitiative models.  He has Masters degrees in Finance and Economics.

Jacob Kosoff – Model Validation Director

Feb 20, 2019: Model Validation and SR 11-7

Jacob Kosoff is the Head of Model Risk Management and Validation (MRMV) at Regions Bank, serving in this role since May 2014. As the Head of Model Risk Management and Validation, Jacob is responsible for the management of the model governance and model validation teams and for overseeing the governance and validation for all models and analytical tools at Regions Bank. Jacob served as the Model Governance Manager at Regions prior to his current role.

Zane Tarence – Investment Banking

Jan 23, 2019: Investment Grading

Zane Tarence, Partner and Managing Director of Founders Advisors Technology Practice, is an experienced investment banker, entrepreneur and recognized expert on the growth and monetization of digital media, internet technology and software companies. Over the past 20 years, Zane has led and completed more than 87 technology deals, including facilitating the sale of some of the largest lead generation internet businesses in the United States.

Mauricio Paredes – IT Director

Dec 12, 2018: SQL

Director of Business Technolgy; Mauricio, ‘Mo’, Paredes and his team empower P&S Transportation with technology, systems and processes to win and serve our drivers, employees and customers. Mo joined P&S in 2012 bringing applicable experience from a wide range of industries.

Professor Da Yan – UAB Professor

Nov 14, 2018: Python

Dr. Da Yan is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is the sole winner of Hong Kong 2015 Young Scientist Award in Physical/Mathematical Science. Dr. Da Yan has developed many Big Data systems which are widely used by people in both the academia and the industry, and he regularly publishes in 1st-tier conferences and journals in the field of Data Science. Dr. Da Yan also regularly serves as the reviewers of 1-tier Data Science journals and serves in the program committees of 1-tier Data Science conferences. Dr. Yan is the leading program co-chair of the BIOKDD 2018 workshop held in conjunction with the SIGKDD 2018 conference, and serves in the program committees of a number of other workshops on database and data mining research.


Chris Hickman – SAP

Oct 24, 2018: Tableau

Chris is an Associate Director with Protiviti possessing experience in reporting, analytics and data visualization with a range of tools such as SAP Business Intelligence, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. He is also heavily engaged in Social Media and the opportunities that are presented with the synergy generated with the various Social Media utilities.

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Austin Senseman – Power BI

Sept 17, 2018: Power BI

Coming from a finance and accounting background, Austin has had his hands on the keyboard with Microsoft analytics tools since 2011. Austin cares about the full lifecycle of data – raw data, cleaning/transformation, data modeling, analytics, reporting, decision making/mgmt – with deep expertise in data modeling with the Microsoft tabular engine. Austin has extensive experience training Power BI analysts, training trainers, and generally empowering organizations to get the full value out of Power BI and the related tools. Additionally Austin is trained in Lean Six Sigma which focuses on improving business processes through measurement. Currently Austin is consulting in Birmingham at

Nick Sanford – Excel and data analysis

Nov  19, 2019: Power BI – Visualizations
Sept 17, 2019: Power BI – Data Modeling
Aug 20, 2019: Power BI – Importing Data
Apr 24, 2019: SQL
Aug 15, 2018: Excel Macros
July 18, 2018: Advanced Excel

Nick is a data analytics expert with heavy healthcare industry experience but consults across all sectors.  He was ranked #36 in the world in the Modeloff competition which focuses on Microsoft Excel and financial modeling.

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